Tuesday 17 November 2009

DV57ZXX – the archetypal slob driver

Sunday. I pull out to avoid a cycle lane filled with water on Chingford Road (A 112). I do so in good time. There’s a white car some way behind me. He doesn’t catch me up until I’m about to pass the water-filled cycle lane. He immediately presses his horn, making me jump. As far as he’s concerned I should be in the cycle lane, irrespective of its condition.


I ignore him and pull over when I’m past the obstruction.

He’s a typical London slob driver who can’t bear to be behind a cyclist even for a second without expressing his infantile displeasure. Reg. DV57 ZXX

I got a look at him as he raced by (almost certainly breaking the speed limit). White male, in his thirties probably.

It’s another reminder why British cycle lanes most of the time are an impediment to cycling, not a help, and why you will never get most people cycling in an environment which has to be shared with aggressive, impatient yobs.