Tuesday 24 November 2009

Intrusive CCTV

A COUNCIL CCTV camera is ‘spying’ on a Leyton flat, a resident claims. Rodney Best, 62, a bus driver, of Market Parade, said the camera keeps turning to face his or his daughter’s bedroom window and they have been forced to live behind closed curtains.

I must say I’ve noticed this, all over the borough.

CCTV cameras can quite often be seen not pointing down at the street but tilted to focus on first floor windows or higher. They are plainly being used to spy on private residences. It’s not clear to me who is operating these devices, though I think it’s either the police or civilian workers under the control of the police.

Are CCTV operators voyeurs? Frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if they were, especially if it was cops (mis)using them.