Wednesday 25 November 2009

The latest scandalous injustice

Mohammed Mian was

an ex-police patrolman

from the sleazy, car supremacist Metropolitan Police. Unsurprisingly for someone from this background he

has a string of speeding convictions

but Britain’s car supremacist judicial system let him go on driving until he killed, and will even now permit him to drive again.

In the minutes before the deadly impact Mian had been talking on his mobile phone while driving


driving at up to 60mph


Steve and Rosemary, who were married for 25 years and had two children, were walking home from a party after dropping off her elderly mother when the accident happened. The pair were hit by Mian in his 2.3 turbo Volvo estate car. Rosemary was thrown 14 metres on impact while her husband was propelled a further 30 metres. His right leg was torn off by the force of the impact and smashed into an upstairs window of a nearby house. He died at the scene.

Rosemary, was in a coma for six days and in hospital for six weeks after shattering her pelvis and having her left leg amputated.
She now requires constant care, and suffers from "mental torment" as well as continued pain. Doctors gave her a 20 per cent chance of living. Mian, of Gredle Close, Urmston, later told police he had ''put his foot down'' but had not seen the Campbells.

In a final insult to the victims and their family he was

disqualified from driving for five years.

The couple's daughter, Hayley, 25, said: "He has shown no remorse. He's had various speeding convictions and if he's had convictions for speeding more than 10 years ago and he's still speeding now, killing a man, he's never going to stop."