Saturday 27 September 2008

The killing of Sandy Simpson

A police whistleblower seems to be responsible for the detailed information leaked in today's papers about this road fatality:

Sandy Simpson, 61, was only yards away from her home when she was run down by the unnamed officer travelling at nearly twice the speed limit and using his blue lights. He had been given permission to leave the station to deliver a card to his sister. It was on the way back, where a mobile data terminal recovered from his car showed that he was doing 57mph on a 30mph road when he hit Mrs Simpson in Bromley, Kent. At one point on his drive from his home in Swanley, Kent back to the station he topped speeds of 100mph. The officer, 23, lives with his parents and younger sister, reports have said.

Another report says that the officer treated a relative to a high-speed 'black run' tour of the local area - again with blaring siren and emergency lights.