Tuesday 2 September 2008

'No cycling'

Cycling is forbidden on this alleyway off Wallwood Road E11. I suppose it's because this alleyway is too narrow to allow cycling along it, right?

Unlike, say, this pavement (below), which the council has decided is suitable for pedestrians to share with residents who already have off-street parking but need space for that extra 4X4:

The council has determined that pedestrians must share the pavement on Browns Road E17 with parked cars, even though most of the footway is only 1.5 metres wide, and even where it leaves no room for anyone with a wheelchair to get past (below):

Contrasts like these underline the incoherence and contradictions at the heart of this Borough's transport planning.

If the council looked after its alleys and footpaths by ensuring property owners cut back intrusive overgrown vegetation (below) and introduced a cycle lane at sites like this, I think this would actually enhance the security and safety of pedestrians.