Sunday 7 September 2008

Yob with a Range Rover

In May 2005 he ran over and broke the leg of a 35-year-old pedestrian at 2am in Liverpool. He has a long record of violent behaviour. And now

Disgraced footballer Joey Barton jumped a red light and undertook dozens of cars in a bus lane while driving to meet a probation officer, it was claimed today. The bad-tempered Newcastle United star, who was recently freed from prison for assaulting a teenager, was allegedly filmed passing queuing motorists in his silver Range Rover yesterday. The claims come as the cocky 26-year-old is due to appear before the FA for a hearing today after he attacked former Manchester City team-mate Ousmane Dabo. The midfielder, who three years ago broke a pedestrian’s leg while driving, seemed to smugly roar past no fewer than 14 ‘No Car’ signs to avoid heavy queues in Newcastle city centre. The star, whose probation terms require him to be on his best behaviour, then sped through a red light in his flashy Range Rover Sport.