Thursday 25 September 2008

Which planet is Bob on?

The latest issue of the council’s lavishly subsidised propaganda rag WFM is out this week. On page six you will find the headline IMPROVEMENTS MADE TO STREET CLEANSING SERVICE. It includes this gem:

Waltham Forest’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Bob Belam, told wfm: “The cleanliness of the streets across Waltham Forest has improved recently and we are closely monitoring Kier’s performance to make sure this improvement continues.”

Why not go in for this exciting competition and win a prize? See if you can guess which planet Bob is on (a clue: it isn’t the one the rest of us live on). Just draw a circle round the planet you think Bob is on and send your entry to the Town Hall. The lucky winner will receive an environmentally-friendly biodegradable sign reading ‘NO wfm HERE, THANK YOU.'