Friday 5 September 2008

One year on…

One year on from this.

THE mother of a hit-and-run victim has called for the culprit to hand themselves in, a year after her son's death. Father-of-four Michael McLean, 46,died after being knocked off his bicycle by a car in Forest Road, Walthamstow, on August 28 last year. The driver sped away and a year on, police have still not arrested anyone in connection with his death.Mr McLean's mother Joyce Robinson, told the Guardian that she still cries every day over Mr McLean's death, and pleaded with the motorist, or anybody else with information about the fatal smash, to come forward.

A story in the local paper at the time suggested that the killer driver immediately turned off and parked his (or her) car in a side street close to the site of the fatal collision. A resident or residents subsequently reported a damaged car parked there that day. The police investigation apparently did not include checking nearby side streets for damaged vehicles. The driver then came back later that day and drove away. If this was the case, then it indicates a perfunctory and inadequate investigation into the killing by the Met, which allowed the killer to escape justice.