Thursday 11 September 2008

Spot the rat and win a prize!

Look carefully and see if you can spot the large rat. (If you click on the photo it should enlarge.)

If you can spot the rat, draw a circle round it and send a copy to: Councillor Clyde Loakes, Leader of the Council, The Town Hall, Forest Road, London E17 4JF.

Just complete the sentence below and you might be the lucky winner of a signed copy of the Audit Commission report into the London Borough of Waltham Forest proving that this is a four star council where things just go on getting better and better!

I think the existence of a vast putrefying pile of refuse infested by numerous scampering rats on Storey Road E17 just ten metres from Walthamstow High Street and the market, just across the road from the Chequers pub, adjacent to a grocery store, and close to a restaurant, shows that this council is....

(Below) Bonus rat picture! Spot it as it scurries into the road. All pics taken yesterday morning.

If you can be bothered to enlarge this pic, you'll see a rat just behind the plastic bag to the left of the market trader's stall. I wonder why no one ever seems to use this cycle stand? (below).

I spotted a collection of rats in a cavity underneath this market trader's stall, dumped at the side of Storey Road. But they don't show up in the photograph. And frankly this was as close as I felt like going.