Monday 15 September 2008

More road lobby hysteria

Today’s Daily Express:

THE war on drivers is moving up a gear with a high-tech speed camera that tracks cars for up to six miles. The long-reach traps will enforce limits over large stretches, including motorways, accident blackspots and some residential areas.

The new device is currently used only on motorways and A-roads during roadworks. It measures the time taken for vehicles to travel between two points and calculates an average speed.

The AA claimed the cameras could jeopardise safety by causing drivers to tailgate as they adhered to the 70mph limit. Paul Watters, head of road safety policy cautioned against “wholesale speed enforcement for no reason” across the roads network. He said that 50 per cent of motorway traffic exceeds the limit of 70 mph – which could mean every other driver receiving a speeding a fine.

Captain Gatso, the campaigns director for Motorists Against Detection, said: “This will not reduce deaths on the roads. It’s all about the money."

I have never understood why ‘Captain Gatso’ has not been arrested on a conspiracy charge, since his identity is known and he incites criminal damage on a massive scale.

This criminal maniac

has declared a period of zero tolerance against all speed cameras after the group admitted responsibility for petrol bombing a camera in Bacup yesterday. Captain Gatso said a member of the group, which has more than 200 members, filled a tyre with unleaded petrol and attached a chain before throwing it over the camera in Rochdale Road - branded as necklacing' - just after 3.30am.

Another example of criminal damage here.

The problem seems to be spreading.

The security services and the police seem strangely indulgent of some forms of violent conspiracy. They know who Captain Gatso is and they surely have the resources to identify everyone involved with the aptly named MAD which promotes a violent direct action campaign against speed cameras. So why no prosecutions?

A cyclist responds to Captain Gatso here.

What’s more

The anti-camera websites link to pictures of burning cameras and post "jokes" about killing cyclists.

More cyclist commentary here