Saturday 17 October 2009

Crap policing in Montreal

Another cyclist mowed down by a driver:

Kevin Connell’s grieving and outraged family pleaded for police to test the driver of a car that struck and killed the 23-year-old downtown Tuesday for drugs or alcohol.

Connell’s body was dragged under the car for three blocks.

But the family’s pleas were met with the harsh legal reality that such a tragedy on its own is not reason enough to check whether or not the driver involved was impaired.
Police and Urgences-Santé technicians spoke to the 32-year-old driver at the scene, but did not test him with either a Breathalyzer or saliva test or request a blood test. “He hadn’t taken any alcohol so he was not tested,” Montreal police Constable Olivier Lapointe said. “We can’t force anyone that has no signs or symptoms to take a blood test.”

And in the final insult: Connell’s body, however, would likely be tested for drugs and alcohol, he said.