Thursday 15 October 2009

End of the world - latest

An analysis by Cambridge University has concluded that the Arctic is now melting at such a rate that it will be largely ice free within ten years, allowing ships to cross the Arctic Ocean.

Further analysis by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) warned that the "irreversible trend" will cause dangerous feedback because water absorbs more heat from the sun than ice, therefore further speeding up the global warming process. The melting of the ice could also trigger extreme weather patterns as the ocean currents change and release even more greenhouse gases stored under the ice.

No, that can’t be true. Because if it was, the London Borough of Waltham Forest, which aspires to be the Greenest borough in London, surely wouldn’t be planning to do stuff like this:

Coopers Avenue Area E17 – Neighbourhood Scheme

New footway parking bays in Cooper Avenue, Sinnott Road and Lawrence Avenue. This will take parking off the road and improve traffic flow through the area.

As part of the scheme additional parking bays have been introduced to provide more parking facilities for residents.