Monday 26 October 2009

The Road Danger Reduction Forum is back

Aftermath of a smash on Lea Bridge Road.

What’s wrong with the Government’s ‘road safety’ strategy? The Road Danger Reduction Forum has the answer:

the continued:

* Failure to properly define “safe roads” (allowing, for example, more hazardous environments to be defined as “safer”).

* Denial of adaptive behaviour (risk compensation) by road users.

* Inability or refusal to differentiate between endangering or killing/hurting others on the one hand, and being endangered or killed/hurt on the other.

* Failure to approach the standards of other relevant safety regimes and oppose rule and law breaking driver behaviour.

* Commitment towards unsustainable transport policy and car dependence.

In fact, it shows just how far away government is from grasping what road safety policy should be about,
and why the Road Danger Reduction Forum is needed. So do have a read of it and our response.