Thursday 15 October 2009

Lorry drivers who crash

Pay attention, because even more cyclists will be killed by lorry drivers if the right-wing forces in the European Parliament get their way:

One of the first signs of the new political mood in the European Parliament is the reversal of its position over rules on working times for lorry drivers.

Meanwhile in Ashford

a lorry overturned at the Junction 10 roundabout.


POLICE had to close part of the main road through Addlestone after a lorry delivering to Tesco overshot the turning into a side road.


A ONE-EYED dustbin lorry driver yesterday admitted running over and killing a workmate after illegally passing his test.

William Seago memorised the bottom two lines of his eye test to pass the motoring exam. He was spared a jail sentence because the judge ruled the death of his friend Keith Warman, 55, last April was down to a "momentary lack of attention".