Tuesday 20 October 2009

It’s integration!

With-flow and contra-flow cycle lane in High Road Leytonstone – again integrated into the tegular blockwork design of the traffic-calmed town centre.

London Borough of Waltham Forest transport document

And the tegular brickwork patterning is so effective at deterring drivers from entering that generously wide cycle lane, is it not?

Also note how effective building the M11 Link Road has been in reducing congestion on this street. As New Civil Engineer enthused at the time

The A12 Hackney to M11 link road should soon bring to an end almost a century of traffic jams in the East End.

The M11 Link Road is less than 4 miles long, & yet cost £250 million, destroyed 350 homes & acres of green space.

But then you wouldn't want to waste money on that scale on walking and cycling, would you? Everybody know that the only way to cure congestion is to build more roads.