Wednesday 28 October 2009

A Leyton cycle superhighway!

Thanks to an enlightened and progressive council, cyclists in Waltham Forest have the benefit of a cycle route that runs in a straight line from Grange Park Road E10 and along Manor Road to the A104. This route passes through a road closure and incorporates a contraflow lane on the one-way section of Manor Road. This route allows cyclists to avoid two busy A road alternatives.

(Below) The cycle lane through the road closure.

(Below) But look closer. What's that in the middle of the cycle lane?

(Below) The stump of an old bollard.

(Below) The cycle lane is not at grade but incorporates a step, to ensure that drowsy cyclists are jolted awake.

After negotiating the pink step and the jagged stump of bollard, cyclists are free to enjoy the benefits of a top class contraflow lane (below).