Monday 19 October 2009

Exemplary – and cultural, too!

The pedestrian and cycle bridge leading to Leytonstone over the A12 is an exemplar crossing of both a major road and London Underground Line.

That’s what the original Sustrans North East Greenways document said. Sadly, after some sneering by a local blogger, this sentence mysteriously vanished.

But Sustrans ought not to crumble so quickly in the face of criticism. This bridge is not just a fabulous cycling facility, it’s also a cultural experience. For example, how many people realise that the attractive entrance to this exemplary facility is based on the common medieval image of a gaping mouth, used to designate the way into Hell for the damned.

(Below) And making this exemplary bridge truly contemporary, local artist 'HAZE' has generously contributed decorative artwork absolutely free.

(Below) A solitary postman bravely carries the mails to the wild western regions of Leytonstone. What few people seem to realise is that the blood-red decor and ingenious 'nightmare' design is an homage to local hero Alfred Hitchcock and his movie in which the colour red triggers unbearable feelings of revulsion and panic).

(Below) This exemplary two-way facility includes this innovative blind ninety degree turn, ensuring that the cycling experience includes that vital element of surprise. (And note how the cleverly positioned 'quality environment' bin forces pedestrians into the cycle lane.)

(Below) The final descent to Leytonstone. Where are all the cyclists and pedestrians who should be using this exemplary facility? Why are they shunning it? It's a mystery.

(Below) And before leaving this fantastic facility, why not linger awhile and enjoy the view over the landscape below?