Friday 30 October 2009

Cycle Not-so-super Highways

I want Cycle Superhighways that...

1) Make my journey a pleasant experience and not a daily struggle for space.

2) Give me and other cyclists priority over motor traffic.

3) Include sections free of motor traffic.

4) Stop buses, lorries and cars passing too close and too fast.

5) Keep my path free of parked cars and the danger of opening car doors.

6) Enable me to cycle at the speed I prefer.

7) Don't force me to cross lanes of fast-moving traffic.

8) Do away with hazardous or difficult one-way systems and roundabouts.

9) Are continuous and don't stop and start.

10) Allow me to stop at red lights ahead of other traffic and move off first.

The Mayor's question time at the Greater London Assembly:

*Question No: 2840 / 2009*
John Biggs

Will you sign or do you intend to sign the London Cycling Campaign’s manifesto detailing 10 demands for the planned cycle super-highways, which the campaign group worry will not live up to the standards you originally promised

*Answer from the Mayor:*
I do not intend to sign the London Cycling Campaign’s manifesto.