Saturday, 31 October 2009

Cycle parking in Bury St Edmunds

This magnificent facility for two bicycles includes all the essential features of classic British cycle parking.

The facility is not signed. Cyclists looking for somewhere to park can enjoy the thrill of the chase as they search in vain the streets of an advanced industrial society for one of those rare and legendary ‘cycle stands’. Finally, when you least expect it, there they are!– conveniently located in the rear corner of a car park.

In tribute to the fitness of cyclists, this facility is placed as far away as possible both from the buildings it serves and the town centre. Car parking bays are located much nearer, but that is because drivers are often overweight and only able to walk very short distances.

The only illumination provided is from a streetlamp in the street the other side of the wall. At night, the ensuing pool of darkness helps to maintain a cyclist’s dexterity as she struggles to find the keyhole of her D-lock. The lonely secluded location also provides a valuable test zone for bike thieves with bolt cutters, ensuring that cyclists can do their bit to help bring Britain out of recession by buying a new bike to replace the one that got stolen.

Finally, admire the simple, classic features of British cycle parking design at its very finest. The siting of those roof supports is particularly impressive.