Thursday, 5 November 2009

Citroen news

The BBC’s TopGear website says that the Citroen C1

is great, hitting 62mph in 13.7 seconds, which sounds slow but feels fine in the car.

And in the hands of a show-off 17 year-old a Citreon C1

hit the crowd at 47mph and bystanders saw people 'flying through the air'.

As for the Citroen C3...

An elderly woman has died after her car crashed with a Mitsubishi Space Wagon in Westerham. The 84-year-old, driving a Citroen C3, hit the stationary Mitsubishi in the Barlow Meadows area of Westerham.

Presumably another of those cases where an octogenarian's fitness to drive is assessed by no one other than the octogenarian driver.