Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Road rage attack on Exeter cyclist

"I was cycling through Marsh Barton and was right in the gutter so cars could pass me. But this bloke started shouting at me out of his window and was beeping his horn and flashing his lights," he said.

"I asked him what his problem was and he just wound his window up. But he started trailing me down Alphington Road — he was no more than a foot behind me and was flashing his lights."

Shortly afterwards

"I was stopped at traffic lights and I barely had the chance to move off again when the car accelerated and smacked into the back of me. I went flying off my bike, which went underneath his car. I was left in the middle of the road — I could have been run over or dragged underneath the car as well.

"I looked up and the car which hit me had driven off. My bike has been totally wrecked."