Thursday, 5 November 2009

Lorry driver using handheld mobile phone while turning at junction

MX55 UOP, Royal Mail lorry, the white male driver using a handheld mobile phone while turning right off Guilford Street into Herbrand Street WC1, 2.08 pm, yesterday. He was steering with his left hand and looking down at the mobile phone held in his right hand - reading a text message, perhaps.

When I say it was a lorry, I mean it was a big vehicle, which resembled the type of Royal Mail vehicle which gave me a fright earlier in the year.

That's two days running I've seen lorry drivers using handheld mobile phones. Crikey, it's almost as if the streets of London were very dangerous places full of lawless drivers taking enormous risks with the lives of other road users. Thank you, Boris, for halting funding for the only police unit devoted to lawless lorry drivers and lorries in an unroadworthy and dangerous condition.