Thursday, 5 November 2009

This bus is not in an Advanced Stop Line for cyclists

This left-turning bus is not in an Advanced Stop Line for cyclists. The driver has stopped at the first line before the ASL, at a red signal, both to obey the law and to show his consideration for cyclists.

This is on Kirkdale Road E11, at the junction with High Road Leytonstone. This is one of two junctions in the London Borough of Waltham Forest where all motor traffic has to turn left but cyclists are permitted to turn right (to use a contraflow lane). In order to reduce conflict, the Council has introduced this magnificent ASL, together with a linking cycle lane on the left of the traffic.

As the London Cycling Campaign emphasizes in its latest mission statement One in Five by 2025 - London: A World-Class City Through Cycling, in view of

our belief that cycling is safe, our focus has emphasized the beneficial effects of cycling and how these far outweigh any purported risk.

Exactly. Cycling is much safer than people think it is. By respecting the magnificent cycling infrastructure in Leytonstone, this bus driver is helping to show that cycling is a safe and pleasant activity.