Thursday 21 January 2010

BBC London News is at it again

The journalists on BBC London News – individuals who don’t regard the regular crushing to death of London cyclists by lorries as newsworthy – have yet again come up with their favourite story, the monstrous injustice of parking enforcement. Revealingly, the story is linked on the BBC website to other stories on a similar theme from 2009 – a year when not a single left-turning lorry fatality was deemed worthy of mention on BBC News:

How traffic wardens out-earn countries
15 Dec 09 London
A third as many wardens as police
31 Jul 09 London
Outrage over parking 'vultures'
03 Jul 09 London
'People power' wins parking fight
19 Jun 09 London
£40m hike of 'fair' parking rules
18 Jun 09 London

And now

A council has been accused of a "potentially illegal" attempt to use parking charge rises to raise revenue after BBC London obtained a document described as a "smoking gun".

BBC News gives yet more publicity to so-called ‘parking campaigner Barrie Segal’ (whose business enjoys free BBC advertising) and Paul Pearson, another parking campaigner

In other words, BBC London’s flat earth news continues to promote the idea that lawless drivers are victims, while maintaining a haughty indifference to the everyday oppression of pedestrians and cyclists by London’s most violent and lawless group – motorists. Road carnage is either marginalised or ignored completely, but one person’s whinge about parking enforcement is a story of galactic significance to the car supremacists at the BBC.