Thursday 21 January 2010

Haringey pothole hell

In just one day, Crouch End ward councillor David Winskill (Liberal Democrat) counted 12 potholes - some about a foot wide and several inches deep - in a 100 yard stretch along Tottenham Lane. He says he has spotted many more in surrounding streets.

Bruno Dore, secretary of Hornsey's Morrsh residents association, spanning streets from Rathcoole Avenue to Montague Road, said: "I caught the front wheel of my bike in one of these potholes and smashed the rim. If you have an expensive bicycle that would cost an awful lot to repair.

"Certainly the problems have multiplied big time since the frost has set in. There are a number of very dangerous bumps in the road for cyclists and at nighttime and, when it's wet, you could hurt yourself pretty bad if you didn't know your route."

He highlighted Inderwick Road as
a particularly dangerous street because the potholes posed an even greater danger on the street's steep slopes.