Saturday 16 January 2010

Edward King’s latest whinge

The ubiquitous one is back, once again whining about the persecution of the lawless motorist. This time it’s CCTV enforcement:

Edmund King, president of the AA, said: “CCTV enforcement is done on an industrial scale.”

Well, Edmund, that’s because drivers break parking laws on an industrial scale.

“We regard them as ghost tickets, because drivers are unaware of their alleged offence for some time afterwards.”

It’s no different to speed cameras, then.

“They are very hard to challenge as drivers are in no position to check signs or if the ticket was issued by mistake.”

Not so, Edmund. The evidence is a photograph of the offence together with supporting evidence of the parking restriction.

“An officer can deter people from parking illegally — all a camera does is raise cash.”

Depends how much dosh you have, I think. A penalty ticket of £120 might well deter many drivers from repeating the offence.

The Comments, predictably, are of the hysterically exaggerated foaming variety.

There is nowhere in Romford where you can drop a passenger off that is free from double yellow lines.

Oh, please.