Saturday 30 January 2010

Drunk killer driver to be allowed to drive again

CCTV footage captured the Stefan Stanko’s car travelling around a right-hand bend, before mounting the pavement a split second before it hit the group. A witness who saw the car said it stopped briefly at a red traffic light before driving off, leaving the dead and injured lying in the street.

Stanko, 24, admitted drinking whisky and cokes and cherry brandy throughout the day before getting behind the wheel of his car. He was over the limit when he ploughed into a group of friends who were walking home together after a night out in Ashford, Kent, on September 27 last year.

Stanko, previously of Gravesend, admitted causing the death by dangerous driving of 67-year-old Brian Moon and Denise Head, 49. He also careered into 12-year-old Rosie Brown, who is now in a rehabilitation unit where she remains in a coma with brain damage. Rosie's aunt, Julie Scorah, 24, and Mr Moon's partner, 63-year-old Phyllis Wanstall, were also injured following their night out at the International Sports and Social Club in Beaver Road.

Stanko, who also pleaded guilty to drink-driving and failing to stop after an accident, was told he had caused 'carnage'.

The driver, a Slovakian, got a hefty jail sentence. But the real scandal is that

he was banned from driving for 10 years

Why should he ever be allowed to drive in Britain (or anywhere) again?