Thursday 21 January 2010

Time to stop the traffic!

Excellent news! The police are asking cyclists to bring every road junction in London to a halt by taking action against motoring criminals who unlawfully abuse Advanced Stop Lines or who are talking on a mobile phone.

Please organise yourselves into groups of twenty or so cyclists, to make your presence effective and give the police time to arrive and take action against offenders.

And remember: if a police car arrives and a pair of shaven-headed thugs get out and scream ‘Get your fucking bike out of the fucking road or I’m fucking arresting you for obstruction, sunshine’ remember to reply: ‘But officer, it’s the Commissioner himself who has asked me to do this!’

People who put themselves in danger to tackle criminals should be celebrated as heroes, the UK's most senior police officer has said.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said such people "make our society worthwhile".
Police should encourage people to intervene, not just allow them to do so, the commissioner added.