Friday 22 January 2010

Top Cop’s Rogue Cyclist Horror (yawn)

CAMDEN'S top police officer says he was almost killed by a rogue cyclist who gave him "the finger" before making his getaway.

The revelation came at a town hall debate about the behaviour of cyclists in the borough -
and sparked discussion about whether bikes should be fitted with registration plates.

How does Chief Supt Dominic Clout know he was “almost killed”? He doesn’t. It’s a facile assertion devoid of substance.

What did he do or say that made the cyclist give him “the finger”? Again, no information is forthcoming.

As a senior officer in the Metropolitan Police, Clout is one of those people who decline to enforce laws which protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. The streets of Camden are filled with lawless drivers who benefit from Clout’s failure to enforce road traffic law. Some of these drivers will go on to kill.

In London in 2007 a total of 67% of pedestrians were injured or killed by a car, 10% by heavy goods vehicles, 10% by powered two wheelers, 8% by a bus or a coach, 7% by goods vehicles and 1% by cyclists.