Sunday 31 January 2010

local Lib Dems suck up to lawless drivers

Lib Dem Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Bob Belam announced a new scheme telling drivers exactly where CCTV enforcement vehicles will be deployed. The initiative, believed to be the first of its kind in the Country, aims to promote safer driving, reduce road accidents and lower the number of penalty charge notices issued to motorists for transgressions such as stopping in a box junction. Details of where the boroughs five CCTV enforcement vehicles will be are available for viewing on the Waltham Forest Council website

Warning law-breakers of where they can expect to get caught is a courtesy extended only to motorists. You don’t find the robbery squad announcing in advance that they’ll be staking out a particular bank. Shops don’t tell you who the store detective is and where they lurk.

Also, if enforcement is going to take place at fixed sites, why bother to do it through two people sitting in a Smart Car? Why not just install a permanent CCTV stalk?