Tuesday 31 May 2011

‘Green Olympics’ news

Amazing. Can this really be true?

Bikes are banned from the Olympic park - for what TfL calls "security reasons" - and Boris bikes will also be kept out. Which all seems to contradict the aim of getting 100 per cent of spectators to venues by walking, cycling or public transport.

Meanwhile, other Olympic news. It had somehow escaped this blog’s attention that the Green Olympics has six Sustainability Partners. And when you look at who they are, obviously the first things you’ll think of are their passion for sustainability and the environment.

Step forward a leading corporation with a long environmental track record, which is passionate about being involved in the Olympics so that it has a chance to inspire the billions of people who will watch the Games to think about the mobility choices they make every day.

And when you are thinking about sustainable travel choices, step forward Green Olympics Sustainability Partner number two, which is one that has a long history of dedication to competitive sport.

Vroom! Vroom!


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