Tuesday 17 May 2011

York cycling news

A CYCLIST who has had to sign off work after being thrown from his bike in York has appealed for witnesses to the accident to come forward.

One reader comments:

I'm not at all surprised this happened. I call this mini roundabout the Circle of Death.

I used to cycle it daily and without fail someone would pull out in front of me or, worse, cut me up by turning left while I'm going straight on. Not to mention NOBODY indicates there. I was hit by a car there once, it wasn't my fault - I was on the roundabout first and the car tried to pass me and did exactly what Paul describes. The driver leapt out of his car to check if there was damage to his car and if so I was "gonna be a dead man".

Horrible horrible dangerous awful piece of road best avoided on a bike

But that can’t be true. York is a very safe place to cycle. This isn’t just an opinion, this is a scientific fact.

York, the authority where cycling to work is most common, is, by our calculation, the safest place in England to cycle.