Friday 6 May 2011

O Lord – it’s the O-Regen College!

Waltham Forest Town Hall: what can you see in this photograph?

There’s a BMW emerging from the Town Hall grounds. I expect it’s a Grey Fleet council officer on an important journey to an office half a mile away. The driver has inconsiderately gone beyond the white line and obstructed the off-road cycle lane, but that happens all the time at this location.

But that’s not all. See that white noticeboard in the foreground, bottom left? Let’s see what it says on the other side.

Yes, it’s another sign of O-Regen in decay. This is an outfit with enigmatic links to Waltham Forest council, which is currently experiencing a spot of bother. It seems the person in charge of its finances don’t know nuffink.

‘Active in the community’ seems to be the O-Regen mission slogan. A bit like burglars and sexually transmitted diseases, then. Alas, the O-Regen College is as currently active in the community as Monty Python's parrot.

Here’s the derelict O-Regen College, a nice bit of real estate just across the road from the Town Hall, albeit hidden away up a litter-strewn, shabby and neglected public right of way.