Thursday 21 July 2011

it’s an Olympic rip-off!

Eastway Users Group spent two years with the Olympic Delivery Authority drawing up the current approved plans for the high speed competitive cycle circuit, which crosses the River Lea to the east of the velodrome. But the body which was created in 2009 to oversee the park’s longterm development - the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) - submitted revised plans in March.

[So much for the consultation process.]

They want to move the cycle track eastwards, keeping it on the north side of the river, creating a park in Hackney’s northwest parklands on the other side of the river with unrestricted views across to the velodrome and access to the river.

Housing intended for Newham will then be squeezed out, but the ODLC wants to submit a planning application within 15 years to build mock-Georgian housing in the Hackney parkland, in the style of central London’s Regent’s and Hyde Parks.

Because after all mock-Georgian houses in the style of luxury residences in Hyde Park are so very Hackney, are they not?

And you can bet that these houses will require an access road and car parking for all the Audis, Mercs and 4X4s…