Monday, 28 January 2008

Bizarre and ridiculous

This is probably the shortest stretch of off-road cycle lane in the Borough, and also the most bizarre and ridiculous one.

Cyclists travelling along Grove Green Road E11 are apparently supposed to cycle on to the tactile paving at the pedestrian crossing, then swerve to the left of the post, back to the cycle lane, only to rejoin the carriageway some six or seven metres further on. A completely insane design. Also one which flouts national guidelines for footway users with a mobility handicap (and according to TfL that's one in twenty Londoners). But then when has this crap Council ever cared about such trifles? Fortunately no cyclist is ever likely to come into conflict with pedestrians here because no cyclist is ever going to use this lunatic cycle lane. (Footway users with a mobility handicap have another little surprise waiting for them just around the corner.)