Thursday, 3 January 2008

The Esom Effect

Scenes from this afternoon. A saga in four photos... Firstly, sacks of rubbish thoughtlessly piled next to a cycle stand:

The next cycle stand elegantly frames a Sunblest bakery tray...

The pavement, as it so often is on this street, is obstructed by trolleys.

And, look who dumped those obstructive grey sacks there! Yes (see below) it's the London Borough of Waltham Forest's crack Environmental Services division. The location is, yet again, the street that runs alongside Percy Ingles bakery in Walthamstow High Street, near Woolworth's. I think we should call this intervention 'the Esom effect', in honour of Martin Esom, Executive Director of Environmental Services for the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The Esom Effect is when Environmental Services intervene and make no difference at all to a crap environment for cyclists and pedestrians. In some ways they even make it worse.

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