Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Now turn to page sixteen

Got your copy of wfm handy? On page 16, bottom left corner, in ‘Rights of Way Improvement Plan: Public Consultation’ there are three gorgeous photographs – two of idyllic footpaths and one of a smart shared use cycle lane/footway.

I didn’t recognise the last site, so I went to have a look at it. Having found it, I realised I’d only cycled on it once before. The reason I'd repressed the memory was because it's on a hellish section of Marshall Road E10 and leads nowhere but to a giant car park, a giant Asda, B & Q, and a lot of people who’d like to sell you a pirate DVD. It would be interesting to take a cycle count here (but I can see why LBWF wouldn't want to - it wouldn't look good for the statistics).

And guess what I found on the cycle lane! Yes, a couple of those grey LBWF street sweepings bags. Well obviously a cycle lane is where you’d put them for collection, right?