Monday 22 December 2008

Christmas charity appeal on behalf of 4X4 owners

At this time of the year it’s awfully easy to forget those less fortunate than ourselves. That’s why this blog is asking everyone to spare a thought for owners of 4X4s. These unfortunates suffer dreadful prejudice, with ownership even being identified as an unerring marker of the driver's selfishness and vacuity.

As you can see from the above photograph (Elmsdale Road E17), many 4X4 drivers struggle to find space to park on the pavement. The council is doing its best, each year transferring more and more pavements to legalised pavement parking, and even moving the markings to give pedestrians less room. But no matter how hard the council tries, demand always seems to outstrip supply. So please, if you can spare some pavement for a 4X4, let Cllr. Bob Belam know, and the highway engineers will be down with their white paint before you can say “but it breaches minimum standards for the disabled”.