Wednesday 31 December 2008

Crap cycling in Blackpool

The wife of a cyclist who was seriously injured in a road accident has joined forces with police in urging Blackpool Council to upgrade their cycling safety measures. Michael Golowicz, a chef at Septembers restaurant on Queen Street, broke his pelvis and suffered severe injuries all over his body in the accident on December 11. His injuries could have been avoided if there had been an advance stop line marked on the road at the junction where the accident took place, according to Mr Golowicz's wife, Pat Wood, and the police officers investigating the incident. A spokeswoman for Blackpool Council said: "In respect of an advance stop lines at junctions, Blackpool has been installing these for the last two years as part of any road improvement works where there has been enough space to do so.

Eh? They only started putting them in during the sixth year of the twenty-first century? How backward is that?

And what’s this crap about ‘where there’s enough space’? By definition, every road junction has space for an ASL.