Friday 19 December 2008

This will slay you

(Above and below) The A503, close to the junction with Clifford Road E17. This is no ordinary pothole. It's as if a mechanical digger has scooped out a slab from the carriageway. Whatever caused it, it's a lethal hazard for cyclists. It's as vertical as a cliff and surprisingly deep. Hit this on a dark wet morning and you may well lose control of your bicycle and end up under the wheels of a passing heavy goods vehicle.

Further along this same major A road, which is filled with lorries. (Below) The cycle lane on the A503 by the junction with Wellington Road E17. The crumbling pothole is too far out to affect a cyclist - but look more closely...

(Below) That bloody great lump of tarmac from the pothole is enough to bring you off your bike, if you inadvertently ride over it on a dark rainy morning. And the incoherent, substandard condition of the cycle lane markings is absolutely typical of this borough.