Saturday 27 December 2008

Serial drunk driver spared jail, again

SCOTLAND'S worst serial drink driver has been convicted for a SIXTH time - but he still hasn't been sent to jail. Businessman Alex McMorran, 64, was caught over the limit on the M74 on December 7 December 7, even though he was already serving a four-year ban for a drink-drive offence last year.

The callous drunk has four other convictions and managed to overturn a previous life ban. But at Dumfries Sheriff Court on Christmas Eve, McMorran was given a 10-year ban, a £1700 fine and 200 hours' community service for his latest offence - but no prison term. Safety campaigners slammed the sentence and one of McMorran's own relatives was left disgusted. She said: "He just never learns. It is absolutely shocking. It really is just a matter of time before he kills himself or someone else.