Tuesday 16 December 2008

'Crap Waltham Forest cycle lane of the year' award

And the winner of this year's 'Crap Waltham Forest cycle lane' award is... Leyton Green Road E10.

Selected from a shortlist of 100 crap local cycle lanes, Leyton Green Road was not the easiest of choices. But after a lengthy discussion the judges felt that this was a truly outstanding cycle lane, in both directions. The combination of badly designed lanes - far too narrow and interrupted by parking bays at strategic points, resulting in added danger and daily obstruction for cyclists in the rush hour - attracted particular admiration from the judges because of the speed and volume of passing motor traffic. The crumbling surface of the lanes (one judge said they "resembled something with a severe skin disease"), the coating of grit, the substandard repairs and one truly spectacular pothole which stretched across the full width of the lane and beyond, made this an outstanding winner, even by the legendary standards of this Borough. Congratulations to everyone who made this award possible, especially Clyde and Bob.