Thursday 11 December 2008

'rogue cyclists'

Police took the details of dozens of cyclists who broke traffic laws at a busy section of Gloucester Road on Wednesday morning. As reported yesterday by the Bristol Post, in a two-hour operation at the Zetland Road junction, officers stopped rogue cyclists, took their details and handed out advice on how to ride safely.

Chief Inspector Andy Bennett, who is leading the operation, said: “This is in response to complaints from the public to the police, to Bristol City Council and in the Post.“There needs to be a change of culture - as we stand, red traffic lights mean you have to stop and there is no leeway on that either for motorists or cyclists.”

How many drivers in Bristol have been prosecuted for driving into cyclists Advanced Stop Lines this year, I wonder?

Paul Nuki defends red light jumping by cyclists.

I don't know Bristol but it's plain from the blogs Bristol Traffic and Southville Roads that Bristol police are spectacularly indifferent to regular daily obstructive, lawless parking - hardly surprising when Bristol cops feel the same pathological urge to park on pavements as their colleagues in all other forces.

Today at 4.30 pm I was at the Bakers Arms, where four figures were standing on the corner on the lookout for crime - either PCSOs or police or a mixture of the two (these days it's increasingly difficult to distinguish between pretend police officers and the real ones). I watched as a white van driver drove into the ASL in front of them, while chatting on a handheld mobile phone. They didn't bat an eyelid. That's not the sort of crime they are interested in. Britain's most anti-social, lawless and violent group (i.e. motorists) know they can expect a soft ride from our car supremacist cops. But if a teenager drops a cigarette end - Britain's finest will pounce.