Tuesday 9 December 2008

Cycle facilities which are the envy of London

Waltham Forest Council has been one of the leading local authorities in London in its commitment to introducing cycling facilities over the past decade. From 1991 when it first agreed the London Cycle Network to be on most of its main roads, the Council has regarded cycling as a key mode of transport to be integrated into all its road schemes.

(The council's website)

London cyclists who live outside the Borough must feel sick with envy that they are unable to experience such glorious cycling facilities as the ones regularly identified on this blog. And here's another classic facility, on the busy A112, just before the junction with the busy A104. As you can see, the cycle lane at this major junction is less than one metre wide (perfect for cyclists on a diet), clearly marked out on the carriageway and superbly maintained.

(Funnily enough as I stopped to photograph this cycle lane I was instantly blasted from behind by the horn of an impatient HGV driver. He wanted to drive in the cycle lane and was cross that I was holding him up. I took two quick snaps and then dragged my bike on to the pavement.)