Monday 15 December 2008

News values

An Egyptian public bus has plunged into a canal, killing at least 55 people and injuring about 10 others, reports say.

Some reports said the accident happened when the bus driver swerved to avoid an oncoming truck, but others said he lost control while trying to overtake another vehicle.

Poor roads and reckless driving are the cause of many road accidents in Egypt.

The BBC, needless to say, would never dare to suggest that reckless driving was the cause of many fatal road collisions in the U.K.

Two people have been killed and another two seriously injured in a head-on road collision in Angus. The crash happened at about 2220 GMT on Sunday on the A92 between Montrose and Arbroath, near Upper Dysart. A man and a woman travelling in a northbound blue Vauxhall Meriva were killed.