Wednesday 3 December 2008

HGV driver flouts pedestrian zone

Walthamstow's indoor shopping centre The Mall has dedicated delivery roads at the side, ensuring that drivers delivering goods can access all the shops from non-public areas at the rear. No driver should enter the Town Square pedestrian zone to make deliveries, but this driver did. Amazingly this HGV driver even reversed right in front of one of the pedestrian entrances/exits. The driver was helped by the council's absolute indifference to unauthorised parking and unauthorised vehicle access at the Selborne Road side of the Town Square. (Yesterday, 11.30 a.m.)

What's needed on the Selborne Road side of the Town Square is (i) barred/controlled access (ii) big signs saying TOWN SQUARE - NO UNAUTHORIZED PARKING OR VEHICLES

I expect the council will get round to this once a pedestrian has been hit or crushed by a vehicle.