Monday, 5 October 2009

Sponsored by Commander Mark Boaden

Saturday morning, Selborne Road E17. A tiny unrepresentative handful of environmental fanatics would assert that pavements are strictly for pedestrians, and that drivers who park like this are guilty of a criminal offence (obstruction of the footway) and a civil offence (footway parking). They would probably try and argue that this also constitutes anti-social behaviour, as it shows a total disregard for footway users who are blind or have some other sort of mobility handicap.

What these kind of people don't seem to understand is that this G4S driver has the express approval of Commander Mark Boaden, who is in charge of local policing. This is why G4S drivers park here at least once a week.

The Mall has a private access road which services all properties, but why bother to use it when it's so much easier to drive on the pavement? Besides, the Metropolitan Police knows very well that anti-social behaviour is a busker standing in the Town Square with a saxophone, whose activities are well worth the attention of three officers. Whereas by definition no driver is capable of anti-social behaviour. Certainly not the driver of AY51 YNF, who is waiting beyond the van in the bus lane, on double-yellow lines. He was evidently waiting for a family member to come back after doing their shopping, an activity well worth blocking a bus lane for.