Saturday, 29 November 2008

Angry driver runs down 13 cyclists

This is an amazing story and I am astonished only one newspaper seems to have covered it. A driver who was obliged to slow down because of a group of cyclists lost his temper and deliberately ran them down, then drove off.

A TOTAL of 15 witnesses are assisting gardai in their investigation into a hit-and-run incident that left 13 cyclists injured. The probe into the incident, which occurred in Garristown in north Dublin earlier this month, is continuing and no arrests have been made yet.

Wesley Murphy, a member of the Dublin Wheelers Cycling Club, initially feared he had been left with a broken back following the incident, which happened on Saturday, November 1. "We went down like skittles," he said. "He drove at us as if he was overtaking but drove into the line. One guy was dragged along with the car. He had all his clothes ripped but his injuries are superficial." Speaking about his own more serious injuries, he said: "I went flying off and got belted pretty hard. At first they thought my back might be broken, but it was just that my chest had frozen up."

Mr Murphy said that incidents of drivers getting frustrated at cyclists were not uncommon, but
this was a really extreme case.