Saturday, 29 November 2008

Another Tory council considers implementing BNP policy

Mobile speed cameras may be scrapped from roadsides in Northamptonshire next year.

Northamptonshire County Council leader Jim Harker would not confirm any decision had been made. "I know there have been concerns from the public and the RAC about them. There is evidence that people tend to react quickly to cameras and slow down sharply, creating hazards and possibly accidents."

(By ‘the public’ Harker means a vociferous minority of petrolheads. Every opinion poll ever taken on speed cameras has shown a clear majority of drivers in favour of them. As for the RAC. It has millions of members who join for its breakdown service. It never consults its membership on any issue and has no authority whatsoever to speak on behalf of drivers.)

A group set up in 2007 to monitor the effectivness of speed cameras in Northamptonshire reported its findings to the county council earlier this year. The study suggested the use of mobile speed cameras should continue.

By the sound of it Tory Northamptonshire will be following Tory Swindon. And as the Swindon BNP website says: “At last a council implementing BNP policy!”