Sunday, 16 November 2008

New killing machine launched

Utterly excessive in every aspect, the AMG Black Series is Mercedes’ hardcore, racetrack-tuned sporting range.

The SL Black Series can accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.8sec, though this is not a true indicator of performance.

A more telling measure of its performance, then, is that it will reach 124mph from rest in 11sec flat – less time than it takes the average car to reach 60mph. Rather coyly, AMG has restricted the top speed to a mere 200mph.

Naturally no senior police officer will be at all concerned. They are too busy fretting that speed cameras might alienate the public.

And no politician will have anything at all to say. The greatest form of violence in British society is never discussed.

As someone commented on The Evening Standard website

I can't think of any other activity than driving that would be tolerated if it killed 3,000 people including 200 children a year in the UK. That's equivalent to a Potters Bar daily and a Soham every four days. The road death toll in London alone is equivalent to a 7/7 every two months.

- Tony, Cambridge, UK.